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I am a classical realist painter working in oils.

I am presently working on a series of paintings that I call ‘biographical still lifes.’  Using this approach, I combine my love of painting with my interest in biographies.

In these paintings I present objects that represent the passions and experience in the subject’s life. Rather than focusing on objects alone, I find an historical or contemporary person whom I admire, study his life and work, and select a collections of objects that represent or symbolize that person’s life’s work.  I then arrange the objects aesthetically while telling a story of the individual’s greatness and contribution to humanity.  

Being a Realist, my painting style is detailed but, being a Romantic, my work is symbolic and deliberately not photographic.   

 Attention to detail carries through in my frames. After going through many auctions, I realized how important it is to find a good framer.  A good frame can bring added value to the painting besides enhancing its beauty, and even reflecting its meaning.

In the case of the painting to the left, ‘Homage to the White Rose’, it was important that the frame reflect the solemnity and simplicity of the message.

Moreover, the frame must support and not distract from the details of the painting it self. Every object in the painting reflects a part of the true story of the strength and courage of the White Rose Revolt and Resistance.

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